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Biotoxin & Mold Illness

To most people biotoxin-illness is an alien subject. It is a controversial issue, but not for those living with its devastating consequences and the bodily damage it causes.

Biotoxins are chemicals produced by living organisms which cause a toxic response in humans if ingested, inhaled, or in contact with skin. Many diverse organisms make biotoxins and include some algae (i.e. Cylindrospermophis), spirochetes (like those that cause Lyme disease), dinoflagellates that contaminate seafood, recluse spiders and certain types of molds (the ones that live and breed indoors and include Alternaria, Cladosporium, Trichoderma, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Acremonium, Chaetomium, and Stachybotrus), among others.

Most biotoxin-illness victims average 18 health symptoms. They can include any of the following: fatigue, weakness; muscle aches, cramps, unusual pain (ice-pick, lightning bolt); headaches; sensitivity to bright light, tearing (or lack of tearing), blurred vision, redness; chronic sinus congestion, cough, shortness of breath; abdominal pain (often labeled IBS), diarrhea; joint pain, enthesopathy, morning stiffness, migratory but rarely true arthritis; cognitive impairment, memory impairment, difficulty with assimilation of new knowledge, handling abstract numbers and word finding in conversation, confusion, difficulty sustaining concentration, disorientation “brain fog”; skin sensitivity to light touch; mood swings, appetite swings, sweats, often at night, difficulty with temperature regulation; numbness, tingling, often non-anatomic, vertigo, metallic taste; excessive thirst, frequent urination, sensitivity to static shocks (doorknobs, handles, light switch plates, kisses); impotence, menorrhagia.  Not every person has every symptom, but none of the symptoms, and there are so many more, ever go away for long.

These biotoxins are often neurotoxic (determined to cause neurological damage) and are capable of dissolving in fatty tissue and moving through it, crossing cell membranes. As fat soluble neurotoxins move through the cells of the body from the GI tract, to sinus, to lung, to eye, to muscle, to joint, to nerve, they eventually enter the liver and the bile. Once neurotoxins bind with bile they have access to the liver, and the body is poisoned over and over again as the bile is re-circulated (first released into the intestine to digest fats, and then reabsorbed). Biotoxins interact with and disrupt both the inflammatory system and our immune system response, causing them to act without control.

Past diagnoses can include Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Sick Building Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, learning disability, endometriosis, sensory-neural deafness, low vision, Chronic Soft Tissue Injury, and Post-Lyme Disease to name a few.

Our approach is to define cause (i.e. a toxic mold contaminated environment), remove the cause, analyze the systemic impact and provide noninvasive methods to eradicate neurotoxins, allowing the membrane, and ultimately the body and brain to heal.

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