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Consultations & Services


At Conscious Living Alternatives, our approach offers a depth and full spectrum of experience with illness and dis-ease that is unlike anything you may have experienced before. Are you stuck in chronic illness? Do you suffer a mystery illness? Do you ever wonder “What is wrong with me?”

Many individuals live with chronic symptoms, pain, illness and/or dis-ease. They are looking for real and lasting solutions.  Your recovery process is led by Claire Riendeau ND, NMD, DiHom, PhD, PSc.D, MIM, an impassioned healer, visionary, researcher, educator, spiritual teacher and writer.  She has worked in the field of chronic illness since 2002. Being passionate in multiple educational modalities, she shares scientific knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and an inspiring vision of healing and wellness with her clients. She is well known for her teachings and work with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Autoimmune conditions, Toxic Mold Illness, Biotoxin Illness, Lyme Disease, SIBO, and methylation & detoxification challenges.

If you are interested in a CONSULTATION, you have several options, and these will depend on your individual situation and needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the office at 775-853-5337. Please note that online video conferences are provided via Skype, which is a free video chat program. Your computer must have a camera in order to use the video feature, however audio-only consultations are also possible through this program. All appointment times are in Pacific Standard time.