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Organ Detoxification & Cleansing Programs

As a health-minded individual, you may be interested in learning that the Conscious Living vision is to offer a facility where cleansing programs are specifically geared to augment the body’s natural defense and cleansing processes. Detoxification assists the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, skin, and lymphatic system which can become overwhelmed with toxins, waste, metabolic end-products, pathogens and heavy metals.

Detoxification of the body, its individual organs, tissues, and cells, as well as of the mind and emotion, is of utmost importance in keeping a healthy and functioning body. It is like removing the film on your car window regularly so that you can continue to see the traffic around you and to let the light in to your car to stimulate your eyes to see. If the film is not removed and more is added on, then sooner or later, you will have difficulty seeing the traffic and the chances of an accident occurring multiply. Your spirit also diminishes as the film on the window builds and less light shines into your car. However, keeping that window clean reduces the risk of accidents dramatically. Your spirit is also lifted as a result of more visible sunlight.

Detoxification clears up the film in your organs, tissues, and cells and gives the body and the mind a chance to recuperate and heal themselves. As the body and mind are detoxified, the majority of symptoms begin resolving on their own.

Specific laboratory evaluations can be done to determine toxic build up. Whether it’s environmental pollutants, heavy metal(s), mold mycotoxins, or biotoxins, they all require different metabolic support. By “knowing what you need to detoxify”, in other words, “know what you are going after”, an individualized plan can be created to support a successful detoxification experience. As specialists in cleansing and detoxification, we will design a program that resonates with each person’s specific needs.

The detoxification process may be simple or it may be involved depending on how and with what type of matter the tissues are bound. The process may involve a simple quick dietary fast along with colon cleansing or it may involve a slow removal of chemicals or other body burden that may take 6 months or longer.

We cannot deny that we live in a polluted world, and there is a direct correlation between external pollution and the internal pollution of the human body. External toxicity of food, air and water always cause internal toxicity of blood, tissues and cellular fluids. These toxic conditions become the breeding ground for disease and degeneration. The only real way to reverse any chronic disease or degenerative condition and prevent future health problems is by ridding the body of toxins that pollute the blood and tissues, attract germs and weaken resistance and immunity.

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