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Pre-Conception Planning

Pre-conception planning tries to ensure that you achieve optimum health in preparation for a successful pregnancy, and then help you maintain your health throughout pregnancy, giving you the best chance for a healthy baby. It enables you to remain strong and vital throughout breast feeding and ensures that your baby receives optimum nutrition throughout the whole process.

Just about everybody can benefit from preconception planning. Many factors in today’s living conditions conspire to denude your body of vital nutritional reserves, including the demineralization of our foods. You may have an accumulation of environmental pollutants (research studies show that pesticide traces are being found in breast milk), or heavy metal toxicity (mercury toxicity is linked to autism) that could affect the health of your future baby.

In the U.S. one in 166 children is born with Autism spectrum disorder. A pre-conception program may also be of benefit to you if you are trying to get pregnant and have experienced miscarriages.

Our routine tests highlight these areas, then by using a targeted nutrition program along with appropriate detoxification, you can improve your own – and your partner’s if needed – health and your ability to carry a successful pregnancy, giving you the best chance for a healthy baby.

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